The Champions of the Underground are launching a record label, and capshun is cutting the ribbon of a new era with debut track, Morph

   As someone who calls themself a “music writer”, especially in the context of 2010-2020’s internet electronica, my experience with FUXWITHIT is more than just watching the rise of a successful music blog.

   Back when I was but a burgeoning Soundcloud DJ, during that fabled “golden age” we in the scene pine for, FUXWITHIT to me was the cutting edge of underground music journalism. During that time I was digging for the most danceable Jersey Club, the wonkiest Future Bass, the grimiest experimental Trap, and they were my oasis in the desert of underground electronica journalism. I was learning to hone in on an ever-expanding breadth of (what I’d thought were) indescribable internet micro genres, and FUXWITHIT was out there putting words to those new sounds, holding the megaphone up and cheering on exactly what I was scouring the web for. In a way, that influenced nearly every facet of my personal journey to collect all of the music out there, and to eventually, well, write about it.

   As of today, they’re taking the next step; leveling up to a record label. It’s an understatement to say their story is inspiring. Evolving into a record label brings another tier of legitimacy to the sounds they’ve helped nurture that mean so much to me. And after years as a reader, their mission to be the de facto Champions of the Underground continues with limitless potential.

The underground is and always will be the most exciting space in music and art. It’s the future before it’s fully realized. It’s about breaking barriers, taking chances and doing what hasn’t been done. It’s creativity in its purest form. It’s our lifeblood and we’ll be doing everything we can to ensure it continues to thrive.

-Colin, Co-Founder + Editor

   Okay, okay, anecdotes aside, I can’t think of a better way for FUXWITHIT to unveil this milestone than to debut some brand new heat from that dude, capshun. Check out his new track, Morph, right now down below!

   Morph is a vast and aptly named cinematic experience to introduce FUXWITHIT‘s transformation. It’s a flurry of all of capshun‘s strengths, with striding synths, guttural sub bass growls, and an immaculate focus on ascending tension and laser-precise sampling. Morph breathes an ethereal air littered with skittering hi-hats and crackling percussion, using hip hop samples to catalyze it’s explosive bass drops and shimmering distortions. It’s capshun flexing his production chops [adding to his insane musical portfolio, including tracks we’ve covered like Push Me Away, #Tattoos !!], presenting one of his most impressive songs to date. With this, capshun helps highlight a new frontier for FUXWITHIT and the artists they’ve supported for so many years. Be sure to check out the links down below to be in the know on whatever FUXWITHIT‘s got planned!


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Fresh//hell (fka K. Flo) is ya resident Sine Wave Surfers DJ (part producer) who’s been collecting music and waxing poetic on the state of underground electronica since 2011. Starting his DJ career in Blacksburg and the NRV, he’s been a supporting EDM/electronica act (for the likes of Electrobro, Spark Arrester, BUKU, Space Jesus, Digital Ethos, Arius, and more!), doing promo and social media support for SWS, and ruthlessly amassing vinyl records, before moving to Richmond, VA, in 2019. Fresh-hell’s here to collect, create, and curate for your electronic enjoyment.

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