Evolving soundscapes are the bread and butter of what we love here in the Sine Wave Surfer squad. When an artist comes around like BLUEOUT, we’re thrilled to be able to share that love.

Broken showcases a sound that brings the human brain to it’s auditory brink. It’s an unceasing crescendo, assembling clicks/clacks, and plucks into an arpeggiated synth monolith. This hyper-melodic track is driving, resonant, and it’s an ephemeral glimpse at BLUEOUT‘s massive production chops.

You’ll hear BLUEOUT‘s trademark melody-work in the blaring synths and distorted, crunchy kick drums. A growling bass glides beneath chattering automatons while the layered synth-lead flutes along jittering, ascending runs. It’s absolutely huge and will undoubtedly keep BLUEOUT on your radar.

Tommaso (Tommy), aka BLUEOUT is the breakout 20yr-old Italian talent who’s currently based out of London, UK. He’s been cooking up futuristic beats for over 5 years, pulling inspiration from his interest in granular synthesis and pad manipulation for this track. Tommy has a bunch of new releases on the way, so make sure to follow him to never miss out.

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