Introducing the newest gift to independent electronic music, Blanketdragon!!

The track we are highlighting today is titled “Simultaneous Apprehension”.

Blanketdragon aka, Santo Ciaravino, Is the artist behind today’s incredible track, Simultaneous Apprehension. In addition to being simply luscious, this track is a constantly evolving piece of art that brings a refreshing contribution to the electronic music scene.

With a heavy focus on dreamy, awe-inspiring melodies, Simultaneous Apprehension cleverly carves out a space for itself amongst the high volume world of streaming we find ourselves in today.

We insist you bookmark this artist in order to stay up to date on their upcoming EP slated for release on Billegal Beats to be published later this year!


We here at Sine Wave Surfers are delighted to include some delicious slices of insight into Blanketdragon’s musical path, tools of choice, how they would describe their artistic style to new listeners and what they are aiming to convey through Simultaneous Apprehension.

“My name is Santo Ciaravino and I have been producing for 8 years with Ableton live.

I usually describe my sound to someone that has never heard my music as weird, glitchy, melodic, experimental, and psychedelic. My brother actually said my music sounds like an auditory hallucination, which I thought was awesome because that is pretty much exactly what I was going for haha

I guess if there was anything I wanted listeners to feel when I wrote Simultaneous Apprehension

…I would want the listener to feel a sense of wonder, or that feeling you get when you wake up from a really weird dream and you ask yourself,

“what just happened???”

And that dream felt really important, profound and abstract but you can’t remember any of it because it was too weird for your waking mind to process.”

Santo Ciaravino

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