BJ Maye ends the Growth Comp with a space age future vibe, Star Board

   This is it, the final track on the Growth Compilation, the collective effort of so many incredible artists and newcomers on the Sine Wave squad.

    BJ Maye joins the roster, closing out the complete compilation along with Hupsu, susperilThatOnePhoenixIlysianHimmel, Kayoti, PirlewMythic Creature, and a collab from Dear Elvira & electrobro.  Check out his latest track right now down below!

   It’s been a long journey, and I’m glad to say we’re closing out with a vibe thanks to BJ Maye. As summer kicks off, Star Board is the bumpin’, cruisin’ type of future beat to keep ya drivin’ along in the sunny days to come. Be sure to check out BJ Maye in the links down below, and peep all of the Growth Compilation artists over on the Sine Wave Surfers page n’ the rest of the blog.

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