“Horus”, takes listeners on an audible journey full of cinematic flare and trap anthem undertones. Hailing from Amsterdam, Becking whose full name is Raphael Becking, has a knack for combining Film-score elements and unique, yet heavy, drum patterns. “Horus” demonstrates Raphael’s variance featuring a twangy Spanish guitar then drops us into a full blown trap banger. Becking commented in the exclusive SWS interview,  “I was really inspired by this game called ‘Journey’. It’s about a character having a journey through the desert. The game has a very specific vibe to it that I really love. With that vibe in mind, I wanted to take the listener on a journey, and started the intro with a flute. I wanted it to be a more than just a beat so that’s why there is so much of a change in energy-levels throughout the track.” Raphael has been producing for 5 years and utilizes Ableton Live. Fans can anticipate up to five new releases before the new year.
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