Night Swim Radio leads a massive crew of electronica powerhouses together on their latest collaborative effort, Music to Call Home Vol. IV. This 19-track compilation features tons of incredible artists, styles ranging from future beats/bass, lofi, trap, and so much more in an absolutely huge palette of electronica. Night Swim Radio plans to donate all proceeds from streaming/buying the comp towards Today’s Future Sound:

Through hands-on beat making and music production instruction, Today’s Future Sound creates an outlet for creativiy, personal expression, and critical thinking in education, mental health, juvenile, and veteran’s facilities. Learn more at

And that dude electrobro is featured! He’s contributed a bit-crushed banger, awash with chipped up synth blasts, a wildly intricate rhythm that’s blanketed in a glitched-out barrage of modified samples. A simultaneous warm melody and ice-cold, chop heavy blend that electrobro serves to perfection.

I feel remiss in not directly mentioning ALL these talented producers onboard the collab, so I implore that ya check out each individual track, stream it somewhere on repeat, or just drop a donation to if you can. Big shoutout to Night Swim Radio for this righteous cause, and for makin’ it all happen!

Wanna check out any of the mentioned artists, collectives, or tracks mentioned in this post? Just hover over any bold-text names to head to their page!

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About Katie

Katie Gaskill (i.e Kata Lite) is an EDM journalist residing in Seattle, WA. Lover of all things electronic music, she is an aspiring producer. Katie passionately believes in keeping the underground scene alive, and shedding light upon rising musicians. She is also affiliated with the Virginia based Future Beats label, Sine Wave Surfers.

СAΙRО – Purple

By |2018-08-21T09:39:01+00:00August 21st, 2018|Future Beats, Genre|

17 year old, Che St. Luce-Sinclair, aka Cairo,  recently dropped the first single from his upcoming EP, featuring a vibrant track titled, "Purple." Reigning from London, this talented producer has been making music for 2 years and describes his sound to SWS blog as, "Reminiscent of old 8 bit/16 bit video games mixed with modern day

TØLLE – I Got That Green

By |2018-08-21T09:38:53+00:00August 21st, 2018|Genre, House|

Emerging German producer, TØLLE, whose real name is Felix Tölle, gives listeners a club style house banger in his single titled, "I Got That Green." TØLLE exquisitely crafted together crunchy, grit filled 808's with ominous synths leads, and simple vocal edits in this feet-shuffling track. Before delving into the production world, Felix was a DJ. He eventually shifted his

Artist Spotlight ⭐️ Himmel

By |2021-01-12T18:10:47+00:00August 15th, 2018|Exclusive Interviews, SWS Collection|

Sine Wave Surfer’s very own, based out of Washington D.C, Amir Shami better known as Himmel, is steadily making his own waves in the uprising ‘future beats’ scene. Amir has consistently been putting out hits for the past two years, and began his journey as a producer, 6 years ago. His songs are coated in

Artist Spotlight ⭐️ High Zombie

By |2018-08-15T09:34:17+00:00August 15th, 2018|Exclusive Interviews|

Residing in Connecticut, Matthew Hood better known as, “High Zombie”, has been taking the experimental trap scene by storm. Since debating his first track in 2015 under High Zombie, Matt has cultivated an impressive multi-cultural, international fan base. He is affiliated with Amsterdam’s premier EDM label, ZenSupremacy along with multiple other OG labels. Matt has

Manu Crooks x Anfa Rose – Fuego prod. by DOPAM!NE (Official Music Video)

By |2018-08-15T09:07:26+00:00August 15th, 2018|Music Videos|

Draped in Cuban lust, speak easy's, and extravagant mahogany architecture, "Fuego", illustrates a captivating tale for viewers. "Fuego" is newly dropped single from rising talented Australian natives, Manu Crook$ and Anfa Rose. The music video is more of a short film, in which Manu saves a beautiful damsel, and ultimately wins her over with finesse.

Jase Money – S L Ɛ Ɛ Ƥ Ɯ A L Ƙ I Ɲ Ɠ

By |2018-08-16T17:41:54+00:00August 15th, 2018|Genre, Trap|

"Sleep Walking" is an enticing song from Charlotte/North Carolinian, Jase Money (real name, Jason Ammons). Jason has certainly created a niche for himself in the underground experimental trap scene. This rising producer infuses Childhood OG classic video games such as Zelda, with head nodding, trap instrumental elements. As described in the SWS exclusive interview, "(For

BJ Maye x electrobro – Knowhere

By |2018-08-15T09:11:56+00:00August 15th, 2018|Genre, SWS Collection, SWS Music|

New music from SWS’s fam ~ BJ Maye x electrobro - Knowhere! Vibe out to this smooth, soulful slapper encompassing perfectly timed vocal chops, harmonic keys, and a whimsical surprise ending ⭐️ Free Stream  "Knowhere" below: ⭐️ Support BJ Maye x electrobro

Clāme – Dober

By |2018-08-15T07:58:55+00:00August 15th, 2018|Genre, Trap|

L.A producer, Clāme, has teamed up with SoundCloud powerhouse, Drop Central, in this newly released trap hitter titled, "Dober." Gage Gaubert (aka Clāme) has only been producing for a year, and is already proving his aptness for piecing together unique sounds, to provide listeners with a progressive approach to new wave trap. When asked about "Dober", Gage commented in

ORIENTAL CRAVINGS – Toxic Ft. Ned Philpot

By |2018-08-15T07:58:27+00:00August 15th, 2018|Future Bass, Genre|

"Toxic" is a recently released banger from Oriental Cravings under the prominent music affiliation, Run The Trap. This banger is a vibrant, heavy hitting tune with hard kicks, and captivating drops. In the exclusive SWS interview OC explained, "Toxic is a very emotional song, it talks about a ‘toxic’ relationship where a partner is unfaithful to

Youritz – Swell

By |2018-08-15T07:58:08+00:00August 15th, 2018|Future Beats, Genre|

Creating his own wave of grunge, synth techno, future beats,  Thomas Gaudibert, or 'Youritz', is paving his own path. "Swell" is a recent track encompassing a new-age grunge vibe and deep 808's. Youritz described "Swell" in the exclusive SWS interview stating, "I can't really explain how things came, they came by themselves, but people use

Ozone – sweetescape++

By |2018-08-15T07:57:26+00:00August 15th, 2018|Future Beats, Genre|

Hailing from Newfoundland, Damon Dooley, better known as 'Ozone', has recently dropped an ethereal banger titled, "Sweetescape." This tune features lush aesthetics, with rolling hats and distorted vocals from Natashia Bedingfield's 2008 hit, "Pocket Full of Sunshine." Ozone commented in the SWS exclusive interview, " I definitely wanted to do something more emotional and impactful, while

YUSHUF – geisha (ebro mix)

By |2018-08-15T09:11:40+00:00August 15th, 2018|Genre, SWS Collection, SWS Music|

New music from SWS’s fam ~ YUSHUF - geisha (ebro mix) Electrobro did his thing on this fresh remix of SWS's Yushuf's titled track, Geisha. Asian instruments, jazzy piano solos, and quirky vocals complete this tasty tune. ⭐️ Free Stream  "Geisha (ebro mix)" below: ⭐️ Support

Suede Rai – Side Effect

By |2018-08-15T07:56:47+00:00August 15th, 2018|Future Bass, Genre|

Alex Ledesma, aka Suede Rai, is an up and coming producer from California. His single titled, "Side Effects", highlights Alex's ability to combine wavey synth nuance's and slapping bass chords. His style is bountifully cinematic, and rich in sound design. Suede Rai commented in the exclusive SWS interview, "I wanted to make something in the

Artist Spotlight ⭐️ Elliot Boles

By |2018-08-17T05:48:42+00:00August 15th, 2018|Exclusive Interviews|

Hailing from London, Elliot Boles encompasses his unique sound to bring new life into the underground future beats scene. In a genre where EDM can feel at times monotonous, Elliot’s sound is a refreshingly versatile fusion of jazz, soul, funk, R&B, D&B, and trap. He is a multi-faceted artist, and not afraid to think outside

In : exhale x Vacant x Myst – Impulse

By |2018-08-14T21:09:52+00:00August 14th, 2018|Drum&Bass, Genre|

Packing dark, ethereal drum&bass vibes, In: Exhale paired up with fellow UK producers, Vacant and Myst for the newly dropped single titled, "Impulse." This track features a plethora of dark, atmospheric sound textures, along with hypnotizing Asian instruments and haunting vocals. In: Exhale commented in the SWS exclusive interview, "This is a track which we

Artist Spotlight ⭐️ Cuanzi

By |2018-08-15T09:15:31+00:00August 14th, 2018|Exclusive Interviews, SWS Collection|

SWS’s very own and Bay Area resident, Brian Cuan, or ‘Cuanzi’, is a talented, multifaceted producer who brings a creative approach to the underground electronic scene. His sound is an innovative blend of future bass, house, and features undertones of bouncey-trap. Brian is ambitious in utilizing a large variety of sounds, textures, and instruments within

Artist Spotlight ⭐️ NXSTY

By |2018-08-15T09:23:00+00:00August 14th, 2018|Exclusive Interviews|

On the hunt for experimental filthy trap with hard stabbing bass and deep 808’s? Look no further, Vancouver native, NXSTY, is about to be your favorite artist. Recently signed to the prestigious record label, Dim Mak, 19 year old, Bowen Sanderson, is taking the trap scene by storm. Bowen has made Soundcloud’s “New and Hot”

Spotlight Artist ⭐️ Maximus MMC

By |2018-08-15T09:14:43+00:00August 14th, 2018|Exclusive Interviews|

Flow Fi Record’s very own, Maximus MMC, has been pushing out hits for over 7 years and is an Ableton Vet. Originally from Paris, now residing in Hong Kong, Maximus is an artist on the move. He’s recently finished his first Australian tour with veteran producer Aywy, and shows no signs of slowing down. Maximus prefers

Artist Spotlight ⭐️ The Loyalist

By |2018-08-15T09:14:30+00:00August 14th, 2018|Exclusive Interviews|

Bay area native, Stephen Mealing or “The Loyalist”, utilizes his musical talent to bring a captivating blend of uplifting harmonies and minimalistic bass chords. Stephen, a fan of Mixcraft 7 pr studio, has been producing for 5 years and describes his sound as “mostly Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and Future bass.” True to mass EDM enthusiast’s, powerhouse

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