About fresh//hell

Fresh//hell (fka K. Flo) is ya resident Sine Wave Surfers DJ (part producer) who’s been collecting music and waxing poetic on the state of underground electronica since 2011. Starting his DJ career in Blacksburg and the NRV, he’s been a supporting EDM/electronica act (for the likes of Electrobro, Spark Arrester, BUKU, Space Jesus, Digital Ethos, Arius, and more!), doing promo and social media support for SWS, and ruthlessly amassing vinyl records, before moving to Richmond, VA, in 2019. Fresh-hell’s here to collect, create, and curate for your electronic enjoyment.

SPEAKEZ – Wavedash

SPEAKEZ blesses SWS with their latest track Wavedash perfectly embodies a blending of bass styles, hitting ya with Drum & Bass power while supplying massive Future Bass energy. Awash with punchy kicks, grimy [...]

EP.EXE – ThatOnePhoenix

ThatOnePhoenix - EP.EXE The Sine Wave Surfers crew is proud to introduce a relative newcomer, ThatOnePhoenix, featuring their latest original EP, aptly named EP.EXE. A collection of gorgeous jazz-piano balladry evolving [...]

fugue – drowsiness

fugue - drowsiness drowsiness is anything but it's namesake; it's an exquisitely packaged track with an immaculate focus on tone that clicks, crackles, and gleams with ethereal expression. fugue drops layers [...]