Wax is the emotive and immense debut track from breakout electronic artist, Aurelia

   Aurelia (Gabriella, she/they) isn’t a stranger to the underground electronica scene, but with Wax, they’re debuting a new project that’s been years in the making. Before this official release, Aurelia‘s built her expertise as a visual artist, singer-songwriter, producer (with credits working for artists like Icarus Moth, Ehiorobo) and has a history of commercial work for Coca-Cola and Sharenow. Her intent with the Aurelia debut is to express the process of healing through music; sparked by personal trauma and a suicide-attempt that led to hospitalization and diagnosis, Gabriella puts her energy into Aurelia to illuminate the struggle that women and LGBTQ+ people encounter through her lens of renewed vigor. Listen to Wax right now down below or check out her multimedia debut with the music video here!

   “The wax hardens around the formed character, in the same way one gets ‘stuck’ in their own behaviors.
   That was the idea behind the song and the video, that abusive behaviors can manifest and trap you. I was trapped and contorted into a real monster, someone I didn’t want to be, and involved myself in relationships that were completely destructive. It culminated, and 2018 I was hospitalized and diagnosed with PTSD, CPTSD, depression, and was held for being extremely suicidal. I’m healing now, but not brand new. I wanted a video that encapsulated that time period, and I wanted the MV to be horror-esque, to demonstrate how I felt: monstrous. I wanted to talk about how suffocated I was via the abuses I endured, and the ways I tried to constrain myself ”
                                                                                                        – Aurelia

   Aurelia shows incredible skill in developing a vast soundscape that balloons and shrinks in a way that’s almost breath-like. This enveloping sound is thematically expansive and suffocating, matched by lyrical content of drowning and being stuck, sick, and without control of oneself. The wide bass and rounded synth melodies are enchanting as they float with haunting levity, as Aurelia sings passionately along layers of immaculate harmonies. She’s able to capture a duality of motifs as the suspended bass-bounce descends into darker gritty depths, met by gorgeous silky vocals that skitter and become disjointed, distorted.

   Wax is simultaneously poignant and vibrantly expressive, with evocative wordplay that’s complemented by an incredible attention to detail. For example, when Aurelia sings “you’re voice in my head”, it’s immediately followed by vocal lines that are are echoing and layered, or when she sings about “losing control”, her vocals shimmer, break, and scatter. It’s her expertly crafted intention and focus that makes the track so compelling. Her approach to vigorously driven electronica is uniquely her own, blending core-shaking bass with emotive vulnerability that’s real and relatable.

   This is just the beginning of Aurelia‘s journey.  Be sure to follow them in the links down below!

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