SWS’s very own and Bay Area resident, Brian Cuan, or ‘Cuanzi’, is a talented, multifaceted producer who brings a creative approach to the underground electronic scene. His sound is an innovative blend of future bass, house, and features undertones of bouncey-trap. Brian is ambitious in utilizing a large variety of sounds, textures, and instruments within his music. His soulful, glitch-trap style is exemplified in the funk infused tunes, “Seeker” and “Float” (featured below). Brian has been producing for over 4 years, and is a current Ableton user. When asked what sparked his passion to begin producing, Brian commented,  I started dabbling in production when I was like 15, throwback to when I used sony acid to chop old soul samples and put breakbeats on top. Fast forward to 21, I was listening to the Stussy x Soulection album non stop. At the same time, I wanted to get into a rap music club and they had some tryouts for producers.” Listeners can look forward to more well-crafted, inspiring tracks from Cuanzi in the near future.

Free stream and Download Cuanzi’s featured tracks below:

“Float” is a bouncey, uplifting track from SWS’s very own, Cuanzi. He commented, “Float was a song that I really wanted the listener to feel really carefree and kinda groove out. It was the first thing I made when I was getting the jist of music theory.” Peep this track below

“Seeker” is an eclectic, trap inspired dance anthem from SWS’s very own Cuanzi and D.C based producer, Himmel. As described by Cuanzi, “Seeker is a jumpy song, just jumping around everywhere flailing. If you don’t feel anything you may need to check your pulse. This is the kind of song I’ve been wanting to make after but have been so busy submitting to collectives and collabs that it never came out. I took the collab with Himmel, deleted all everything but percs, and made this song so say thanks to Himmel.”  Check out Cuanzi’s featured track, Seeker, below:

“Ambient” is a groovy, head nodding, future bass tune that consists of two dramatic drops. Cuanzi explains in the SWS interview, “Ambient, a very fun moshy song, I was trying to get good vocal chops and melodies stuck in your head. I must reveal that this one I was learning how to use vocal sampler ala Skrillex, and took me like 2 weeks of experimenting with only vocals. Tbh I almost trashed the song but I got memed since it became one of my most liked and played songs haha.”Check out Cuanzi’s featured track, Ambient, below: