AN TY channels the golden age of dreamy space bass with latest track, beam

   AN TY has reemerged from a short hiatus to grace us with more of his quintessential future beats. Since the start of 2021, he’s dropped the soulful remix misty rain, singles like Ohstopit, and Parallels, all alongside his endeavors in running the incredible Bonsai Collective.  He’s indicated that his time off has been spent building up a catalog of unreleased tracks, honing his sound, and contributing to huge projects like kicking off the latest Bonsai Collective compilation, Issue Four | ACACIA, with Dilemma. You can catch his latest single, beam, right now down below to hear what he’s cooked up!

   “This is the first self released track since Spring of this year. I’ve used the summer to look deeper into my sound and how I want “AN TY” to be viewed (aesthetically) as a brand. I have a lot of creative projects coming and this release is almost a ceremonial ribbon cutting for me. I’m excited for the end of this year and entering 2022, strong.”         –AN TY

   beam transports me back to a time and place in the digital scene, the future beat golden age that warms my soul. AN TY consistently channels this era with his music, where distinct ideas and prismatic melodies are processed with dreamy atmosphere, snappy percussion, and bouncy sub bass blaps that hit you with precision head-nod energy. It’s a real “you know it when you hear it” kind of space bass that channels an era of Soulection, Mr. Carmack, ESTA, Krs., Madbliss, FORTUNE, and many more “producer’s producer” flavors. The balance of tranquility and staccato drums over elastic bass on beam hits me with nostalgia and excitement for the future all at once, and I can’t wait to hear to AN TY brings us next. Be sure to click the links down below to keep up!

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