Sleazy Lettuce returns to flip a rap classic into a mad banger with this dubstep take on A Milli

   If ya know us here in the Sine Wave gang, then you know our resident spacebass menace, Sleazy Lettuce. He’s been featured on the blog before with Human Music, premiering over with NO TREBLE COLLECTIVE, as well as running the show for SWS’ Saturday Twitch streams (which will have an upcoming revival soon). Today he’s dropped his hardest hit yet, taking on a timeless Lil Wayne track and making it his own. Check it out right here.

   This flip tears into the original track, extracting it’s essence into a bass engine that’s churning, growling, morphing into something totally different. The chopped n’ screwed Lil Wayne vocal-cuts zip and modulate over a cavernous sub/kick combo that’ll rattle your skull. It’s the uniquely vacuous type of dubstep that hits all the dirty-wub check marks while careening over the edge into experimental bass music that any basshead will get lost in. It goes off, and is easily the hardest cut from Sleazy Lettuce so far. Be sure to hear his previous feature with NO TREBLE, or his collaboration with A3RIAL right here on the blog, and check out his incredible work so far in the socials below.

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