Future bass producer, Joe Haederle, aka 92elm, is one to keep tabs on. His new single titled, “Honest”, is a beautifully constructed composition of silky synths, catchy vocals, and a soulful piano transition. Joe’s sound is a tantalizing mix of future bass elements with R&B, and jazz influences. Regarding “Honest”, 92elm commented in the SWS interview, “I honestly wasn’t thinking about the listeners too much when writing this one (no pun intended). I had recently gone through a bad breakup, and was struggling to find the right landing point for how I felt about the situation. It eventually came down to me being ok with everything because I was honest with myself and with the other person, though I couldn’t say the same for them. I wanted the song to be a mix of vulnerability with the vocal sections, and in your face energy in the drop sections.” 92elm has projects in the works with (record label) Night Owl Collective, along with a few other exciting collaborations.

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