Sleazy Lettuce – HUMAN MUSIC [NO TREBLE COLLECTIVE premiere + Minimix]

Sleazy Lettuce‘s HUMAN MUSIC premieres with NO TREBLE COLLECTIVE [Nov. 27th]

   Sleazy Lettuce is a long-time contributor and resident bass-connoisseur of the Sine Wave Squad. If you’ve kept up with our Saturday night livestream mix series on our twitch channel, you know that Matt (aka Sleazy Lettuce) has been the main man in putting it all together. This week, he’s dropping an original track with the St. Louis based NO TREBLE COLLECTIVE, joining the roster of bass music bosses like HETHUN, Cypress, SUSANOO, and many more.

   Luckily, we get a cut of what to look forward to with this promo minimix that features the newest Sleazy Lettuce track. Human Music puts Matt’s bass production skills on display, with grimy gliding low-ends and discordant swirls of synth plucks. The track growls and buzzes with the addition of blippy, crunched samples of “Earth Radio” broadcasting “Human Music“, with Jerry proclaiming “I like it” right before the drop. It’s a gritty, wub-heavy track with tongue-in-cheek creativity and sampling that we love to hear from Sleazy Lettuce.

   Catch the debut of the track over at NO TREBLE COLLECTIVE this Friday, 11/27, in it’s entirety. For now, enjoy the promo mix and don’t forget to follow Sleazy Lettuce to catch what he releases next! If you’re lookin’ for a little more Sleazy, check out our other blog post featuring a Sleazy Lettuce x A3RIAL collab for more bomb tracks.

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