Pheeniks – Expedition

Pheeniks – Expedition

Malik Hunter, aka Pheeniks, produced a smooth, synthed out, 70’s retro funk hitter with, “Expedition.” Hunter talked us through the process of making this song in the exclusive SWS interview, “I knew Valentines Day was coming up and I wanted to drop something for it. I searched for different Art for a potential song and found a really good picture. It looked like the perfect scene to go on a journey with your significant other. That’s why I named it, Expedition! After I found the image I built my music off of the visuals and dropped it on Valentines Day.” Malik has been utilizing FL studio since 2014 to compose tracks, and drew inspiration from learning to play the piano. Hunter mentioned that he has a Hip Hop/Lo-Fi Beat tape coming out soon.


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