92elm – Honest

92elm – Honest

Future bass producer, Joe Haederle, aka 92elm, is one to keep tabs on. His new single titled, “Honest”, is a beautifully constructed composition of silky synths, catchy vocals, and a soulful piano transition. Joe’s sound is a tantalizing mix of future bass elements with R&B, and jazz influences. Regarding “Honest”, 92elm commented in the SWS interview, “I honestly wasn’t thinking about the listeners too much when writing this one (no pun intended). I had recently gone through a bad breakup, and was struggling to find the right landing point for how I felt about the situation. It eventually came down to me being ok with everything because I was honest with myself and with the other person, though I couldn’t say the same for them. I wanted the song to be a mix of vulnerability with the vocal sections, and in your face energy in the drop sections.” 92elm has projects in the works with (record label) Night Owl Collective, along with a few other exciting collaborations.

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Katie Gaskill (i.e Kata Lite) is an EDM journalist residing in Seattle, WA. Lover of all things electronic music, she is an aspiring producer. Katie passionately believes in keeping the underground scene alive, and shedding light upon rising musicians. She is also affiliated with the Virginia based Future Beats label, Sine Wave Surfers.

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