YUSHUF – geisha (ebro mix)

YUSHUF – geisha (ebro mix)

New music from SWS’s fam ~ YUSHUF – geisha (ebro mix)

Electrobro did his thing on this fresh remix of SWS’s Yushuf’s titled track, Geisha. Asian instruments, jazzy piano solos, and quirky vocals complete this tasty tune. ⭐️

Free Stream  “Geisha (ebro mix)” below:






Katie Gaskill (i.e Kata Lite) is an EDM journalist residing in Seattle, WA. Lover of all things electronic music, she is an aspiring producer. Katie passionately believes in keeping the underground scene alive, and shedding light upon rising musicians. She is also affiliated with the Virginia based Future Beats label, Sine Wave Surfers.

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