zodivk – yours (+)

zodivk – yours (+)

Athens, Greece born and raised Simon Kai, who goes by ‘Zodivk’, has been producing for 3 years and has already reached an impressive 1 million plays on Soundcloud. This underground, gifted uprising producer is not afraid to think outside of the box, integrating ‘bounce trap’ undertones with elements of string instruments and a variety of perc’s. “Yours” displays Simon’s versatile sound and ability to produce sensual, vibe-worthy hits, sampling Indie star, Alina Baraz. Simon commented in the exclusive SWS interview, I really love Alina Baraz, I’ve flipped her 3 or 4 times in the past as well. I listened to her new record and “yours” (and it) immediately caught my ear. I was listening to a lot of West1ne at the moment so I thought I would make something more “housey”. The sample fit perfectly so it all connected really well and people really seem to enjoy the result as well!.” Fans can expect more remixes from Zodivk, and his new EP to drop in 2019.

Check out Zodivk’s featured track “Yours” below:







Katie Gaskill (i.e Kata Lite) is an EDM journalist residing in Seattle, WA. Lover of all things electronic music, she is an aspiring producer. Katie passionately believes in keeping the underground scene alive, and shedding light upon rising musicians. She is also affiliated with the Virginia based Future Beats label, Sine Wave Surfers.

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