17 year old, Che St. Luce-Sinclair, aka Cairo,  recently dropped the first single from his upcoming EP, featuring a vibrant track titled, “Purple.” Reigning from London, this talented producer has been making music for 2 years and describes his sound to SWS blog as, “Reminiscent of old 8 bit/16 bit video games mixed with modern day trap/future bass sounds.” His song, “Purple”, hosts an array of glittering synth waves, colorful chords, and knocking 808’s. He added a  grandfather clock ticking sound and car alarm effects for added texture. Cairo explained to SWS, “I wanted Purple to sound fun and bouncy and make listeners feel as if they are playing a video game at that moment. It’s something I feel the listener can vibe and find enjoyment listening to it without getting bored too quick. I tried to make it feel like the listener would be able to take a journey throughout the track and make it something that is ever-changing.” Cairo stated that he has an EP coming out this autumn, titled ‘Pastels’  to watch out for.

Free Stream “Purple” below:

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